About Me.

Well, hello there! I’m so excited that you stopped by to share some of your time with me. It’s such a great honor.

Arbitrary Ambrosia is a lifestyle blog that follows my daily musings and inspiration. I think that beauty is all around us and can come in every shape, size and form.  I hope that this blog is a testament to that as I share with you my fashion inspirations, photography, do-it-yourself projects and music. Also, you bet there will be plenty of stories about my personal life and adventures with my adopted dog London, my dog I put up for adoption Paisley,  my amazing husband Jon, and a few other supporting characters.

A little about me? Well, I’m a therapist/marketer by profession but a life-long creative at heart. Ever since I won the “best dressed” superlative in 1st grade, I have been addicted to experimenting with colors, accessories, and hairstyles. However, I must admit that my fashion ideas are not always according to conventional standards or beauty. I’ve been known to update my outfit by swiping things from nearby flower arrangements, at any given time I will probably have at least 4 layers of polish on my nails, and my southern roots (literally) show when you take a close look at my hair and see massive teasing. I think that make-up, hairstyles, and your wardrobe should be used as an expression of your feelings, just like art, and I also think anyone can pull anything off as long as they have the confidence to back it up!

If you are new to the blog, here are few posts to start with:

1. Our Wedding 2. Our First Anniversary 3. About Music Monday 4. Tips & Tricks of Vintage Shopping 

If you have questions, comments, concerns, etc., I always welcome your feedback: arbitraryambrosia@gmail.com. xo

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